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Holy Redeemer has over 40 active ministries which participate in the life and breath of individuals at our institution. Through these various ministries we serve our community in a plethora of ways which extend the love and compassion of Christ throughout the city starting at our heart. Some of our ministries are...

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Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry of Holy Redeemer was established to serve the sanctified man while creating a community of accountability and leadership.

Today, the Men's Ministry can be found serving the church and impacting the community at large.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of Holy Redeemer is comprised of the Sanctuary Choir, the Voices of Redeemed 9Senior Choir), the Youth Choir and the Angel Choir.

Each ministry shares the goal of setting the atmosphere, making it conducive for God to get the glory and for his people to be free.


Housing Ministry

Here at Holy Redeemer, we are intentional about serving the community holistically. In step with the vision of our pastor, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, Holy Redeemer was able to build .


Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry of Holy Redeemer was established to promote community within the women of the church. This ministry serves every woman in every stage of life.


In our gathering, we uplift one another and support women in every arena of opportunity.


Missions & Evangelism

Here at Holy Redeemer, the Missions and Evangelism Department are active in meeting the needs of the community. They nurture the community while attending to their souls.

Although there is a department, our pastor encourages everyone to let their light be their witness to to everyone they meet. 

Matthew 5:16


Prison Ministry

The purpose of the Prison Ministry is to support those who society may have forgotten. We seek to extend the same compassion that Jesus extended to us in his death on the cross.


Youth & Young Adult Ministry

The Youth & Young Adult Ministry is an energetic community that has a fire for God and a strong desire to aid in times of need. Members of the Youth & Young Adult ministry can be seen serving in every area in the church.


Audiovisual Ministry

The Audiovisual Ministry here at Holy Redeemer has become on of the most vital ministries in the church. Through their gifts, we are able to reach and impact souls across the country and around the world. They are the men and women behind the scenes working hard to make worship easy.


Fishes & Loaves Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in."

Matthew 25:35

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