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        Bishop Sedgwick Daniels was humanized by the late John and Supervisor Kathryn Daniels. He currently serves as the celebrated pastor of Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ ,Greater Westside Church Of God In Christ and Morris Cathedral Church Of God In Christ all in Milwaukee Wisconsin; the visionary prelate of Wisconsin First Jurisdiction, serving Wisconsin and Northern Illinois; and member of the General Board for the Church Of God In Christ.


       Elements tangible and intangible, spiritual and natural converged to develop this exceptional gift to the body of Christ. His impressive religious vitae encircle more than forty years of spiritual, economical, educational, and societal, empowerment initiatives. In 2001, Bishop Daniels was elevated to the role of Bishop by Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson. Since Bishop Daniels elevation as the prelate for Wisconsin First, the jurisdiction has grown from 39 congregations to more than 100 churches and ministries.


        In 2008 Bishop Daniels was consecrated as a General Board Member in the Church Of God In Christ under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. and re-elected in 2012 as a General Board Member. Bishop Daniels colleagues celebrate his collaborative team methodologies as he transparently engages in global ministries that impressively ensure the cohesive success of the Church Of God In Christ, while embracing the Godly mandate divinely entrusted to him. Locally, Bishop Daniels focus and quest for ministry excellence afforded the establishment of an urban ministry prototype and progressive leadership for faith-based communities that target holistic methodologies and sustain progressive outcomes. The schematic of his impact is realized through a plethora of innovative developments, partnerships, and collaborations that intentionally overcome cultural, financial, ecumenical, and familial barriers.


        Through Bishop Daniels prolific leadership and holistic ministry approach thousands of individuals are positively impacted by the initiatives and resources provide through his holistic and contemporary ministries. His congregational an jurisdictional headquarters houses; a senior citizen’s housing complex; Mason Health Clinic; Holy Redeemer Community Credit Union; COGIC Social Service Agency; Holy Redeemer Christian Academy (kindergarten through eighth grades); Young-Coggs University Preparatory Academy (serving middle and high school youth); Kathryn T. Daniels Charter School; Daniels-Mardak Boys and Girls Club; Bishop’s Creek Housing Development; Ford, Owens, Winbush, Porter, and Wilkerson Youth Residency Tower; Saints Heritage Children’s Orphanage; Iglehart, Bellamy, Tatum Community Prayer Tower and Rotunda; 20 Heritage Homes ( for the homeless and family reunification); Health and fitness center; Hudson-Herron Ministers Institute; and an Educational Consortium for diverse educational advancement through academic partnerships with Marian University, which offers accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees, all established under the leadership of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels.


        Additionally, Bishop Daniels currently incorporates his business acumen and religious insight through diverse board directorship and ecumenical stewardship on more than 15 prestigious organizations and corporations which was nurtured through his Alabama Baptist and Wisconsin Pentecostal sagacity, by his parents (John and Kathryn Daniels) and grandparents (Reverend General and Inez Townsel and Mrs. Hattie Marshal Daniels).


        Although Bishop Daniels successfully addresses many global and community challenges, his contemporaries applaud his godly humility, enormous personal sacrifice, and motivational philosophy that embody his testimony, which simply affirms to that “There is nothing too hard for God!”

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