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About Us

The Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God In Christ, located at 3500 West Mother Daniels Way, has been a pivotal presence in its community since its inception in 1986 by Pastor Sedgwick Daniels. Starting in a modest space in a former Lutheran School, the church quickly moved to its first dedicated building at 1238 West Atkinson Street in Milwaukee.

Responding to the diverse needs of the community, Holy Redeemer launched various social services and educational programs in 1989. This includes the establishment of the Holy Redeemer Christian Academy, a pioneering institution in Wisconsin’s Pentecostal and African American Christian education. The church furthered its educational mission with the Holy Redeemer Bible Institute in 1991 and through partnerships with local schools, focusing on at-risk youth and the arts.

Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ

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Holy Redeemer’s commitment to the community is multifaceted, encompassing a credit union, extensive housing projects, and the COGIC Social Services. These initiatives have significantly contributed to community development and support.

In 1998, the church constructed a new worship center and, two years later, the Mother Kathryn Daniels Conference Center, a multifunctional facility for social services, education, and community activities.

HRCOGIC, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, the Holy Redeemer Christian Academy

In 2018, Holy Redeemer made a significant stride in cultural and artistic development. The church acquired a property in the northwest side of the city, establishing The Institute for the Preservation of African American Music and Arts. This institute focuses on education in the arts, celebrating and nurturing African American cultural heritage.

Months after this acquisition, inspired by divine guidance, our founder envisioned a phase two expansion. This vision entailed the development of a theatre on our church campus, further enriching our commitment to the arts. This new phase aimed to create a vibrant space for theatrical performances, workshops, and artistic expression, fostering talent and appreciation for the arts within our community.

On November 12, 2023, our congregation experienced a profound loss with the passing of our esteemed leader and founder, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels. Bishop Daniels was a dynamic presence, actively involved in the daily management of the schools, church, and various programs on our campus. His dedication and hands-on approach were inspirational to all who knew him.


While we recognize that Bishop Daniels’ unique leadership and vision are irreplaceable, we are committed to continuing his legacy. We will strive to uphold his motto and the values he instilled in our community, ensuring that his life’s work continues to bear fruit for years to come.

Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ,  HRCOGIC,
Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ, Valerie Daniels Carter, HRCOGIC, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, the Holy Redeemer Christian Academy

Holy Redeemer’s growth from a small congregation to a community pillar reflects its dynamic approach to ministry and service. With diverse programs and initiatives, the church has become a beacon of hope, education, and cultural enrichment in Milwaukee.


Under the leadership of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, Holy Redeemer continues to embody the philosophy that “There is nothing too hard for God,” constantly evolving to meet the needs of its congregation and community. The church remains a testament to impactful ministry and the power of faith in action.Under the leadership of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, Holy Redeemer continued to embody the spirit of resilience, innovation, and community service.


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