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Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter

Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter is our leader whose life story is a testament to the profound impact of faith, resilience, and unwavering dedication. She is known for her stirring words, "I Preach, I teach, I shout," which resonate deeply with her spiritual calling. Week after week, she imparts this message of hope and unwavering faith through her ministry at the Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ. With grace and conviction, she has carried this torch for 37 years, following in the footsteps of her beloved brother, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, and nurturing the vision of the Holy Redeemer family.

Valerie Daniels Carter
Valerie Daniels Carter, HRCOGIC,

Beyond the realm of the spiritual, Dr. Daniels-Carter is a distinguished business leader, exemplifying excellence and astute acumen. As the President and CEO of V&J Foods Holding Companies, Inc. (V&J Holdings), she presides over a multi-brand/multi-state operation, recognized as the largest female-owned franchise organization in the country. Her quick-service restaurant empire encompasses renowned brands such as Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels, Burger King, Coffee Beanery, Nino's Southern Sides, MyYoMy Frozen Yogurt, Pizza Hut, and Captain D's Seafood, alongside numerous real estate ventures. Prior to establishing V&J Holding Companies, Inc., her journey included significant contributions to banking and finance.

Dr. Daniels-Carter's educational odyssey is marked by her relentless pursuit of knowledge. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Lincoln University and later pursued a Master's degree in Business Management from Cardinal Stritch University in 1984. Her dedication to education and its transformative power has been recognized through Honorary Doctors of Humane Letters conferred upon her by Cardinal Stritch University in 2008 and Lincoln University in 2016. Notably, in 2019, she was inducted into the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame, a distinguished honor acknowledging her exceptional achievements.

However, it is not just her professional accomplishments that define Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter. She is a humanitarian and philanthropist, a woman with a heart that seeks to uplift others. Her philanthropic endeavors reach far and wide, from hosting health and wellness clinics in small African villages to championing educational initiatives in Kenya. She initiated projects such as the "Educational Complex" for an orphanage, COGIC Medical Clinics, and the Empowerment Initiative for Africa, Inc., which acquired ninety-nine acres of land in Accra, Ghana, and empowered hundreds of women to start their own businesses. Her commitment is evident in the drilling of a water well in Kenya, East Africa, serving over 28,000 families, and in her mentorship of numerous entrepreneurs in the United States, helping them launch and expand their businesses.

Valerie Daniels Carter, HRCOGIC,


In her home city and state, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dr. Daniels-Carter's legacy extends to the establishment of a "state of the art" complex. This complex houses the Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God In Christ and includes facilities such as the "Mother Kathryn Daniels Youth Center" and the "Jeffrey Carter Family Center For Family Reunification," named in memory of her esteemed mother and husband.

Dr. Daniels-Carter’s dedication extends beyond her local service at Holy Redeemer. She also serves globally as the Supervisor of Women of the Kenya East Africa Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ. Her passion for music remains strong; she has faithfully served for 37 years at Holy Redeemer as the Minister of Music. Her experience includes producing projects with gospel music artists and conducting choirs since she was 10 years old. Many view her as a mentor, seeking her advice to enhance their choirs and music ministries.


Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter is a national exemplar, but more profoundly, she is a tangible embodiment of humility and unwavering faith. Her connection to God, her family, committed employees, and true friends has been the bedrock of her success. Her life's journey is not merely a story of achievement but a testament to the power of faith, hard work, and a heart that seeks to uplift others. Her message echoes with the belief that "there is nothing too hard for God," and through her life's work, she inspires countless souls to believe in the boundless possibilities of faith and determination.

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