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Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ Infant Dedication
Holy Redeemer Institutional Church Of God In Christ Infant Dedication

At Holy Redeemer, we understand the profound joy and responsibility that come with welcoming a new life into your family and the world. Infant dedication is a cherished ceremony that symbolizes your commitment to raise your child in the ways of faith, entrusting them to God’s loving care. It's a moment of thanksgiving, celebration, and solemn promises in the presence of our church community.

The Meaning of Infant Dedication

Infant dedication is an act of faith and an expression of gratitude. It is not a sacrament of baptism, nor does it impart salvation on the child. Instead, it represents the parents' pledge to offer their child to God and to dedicate themselves to raising this child in a godly, loving, and nurturing environment. It's a commitment to pray for, teach, and guide your child towards a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Why Infant Dedication is Important

This ceremony is a pivotal moment for families, marking the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith and spiritual growth. It allows parents to publicly declare their intention to be godly examples to their children and to seek the support of their church family in nurturing their child’s spiritual development. By dedicating your child to God, you acknowledge that your child is a gift from God and affirm your reliance on His grace and wisdom in your child’s upbringing.

Celebrate This Milestone with Us

We warmly welcome all families interested in dedicating their infants to do so at Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ. This significant event is not only a personal moment for your family but a joyous occasion for our entire church community as we commit to supporting you and your child in this spiritual journey.

Interested in Infant Dedication? Please complete the form below to express your interest in infant dedication. This form is the first step toward planning this special ceremony. After submission, a member of our pastoral team will contact you to discuss the details, answer any questions, and guide you through the process of preparing for this meaningful event.

We are honored to stand with you as you dedicate your child to God and look forward to celebrating this sacred milestone with your family. Welcome to the family of Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ, where we cherish each child as a precious gift and commit to walking alongside families in faith and love.

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