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Congregational and Family Care

At Holy Redeemer Church, the Congregational and Family Care ministry serves as a cornerstone of support, guidance, and care for our church family. Recognizing the significance of a nurturing community and spiritually strong families, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care, counseling, and assistance to individuals and families, ensuring that each member of our congregation feels supported in their spiritual journey and daily lives.

What We Do:

Counseling Services: Our confidential, compassionate counseling supports individuals, couples, and families through life’s challenges, offering guidance and support for personal struggles and relationship issues.
Spiritual Guidance: We provide spiritual support, helping members navigate their faith and life decisions with wisdom and grace.
Assistance Programs: Practical assistance is available for families in need, including financial support, resources, and connections to community services.
Family Development: Through workshops, seminars, and retreats, we focus on strengthening family bonds, enriching marriages, enhancing parenting skills, and other vital aspects of family life.
Prayer and Care Teams: Our dedicated teams offer prayer and care for those in difficult times, including hospital visits, bereavement support, and prayer chains.

What to Expect:
Becoming part of the Congregational and Family Care ministry means finding a compassionate community committed to supporting one another. In our ministry, you will discover a safe and nurturing space to share, receive guidance, and grow in faith and relationships. We are here to accompany you and your family, providing the care and support needed to navigate life’s challenges and celebrate its joys.

Get Involved:
We invite those who need support or wish to contribute their time and talents to caring for others to join us. Our ministry thrives on the passion and dedication of individuals eager to serve, listen, and offer encouragement and support to our church family.

For more information or to join this ministry, please email Together, we will foster a caring, supportive, and loving community, where every member feels valued and supported.

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