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Missionary Department

The Missionary Department at Holy Redeemer Church is a cornerstone of our ministry, embodying the spirit-led leadership and dedication of women called to serve and spread the Gospel. This department is comprised of women who are deeply committed to their faith, demonstrating a fervent desire to lead by example, nurture spiritual growth, and reach out to those in need with the love and message of Jesus Christ. Through prayer, service, and evangelism, these women are pivotal in fostering a community of believers who are equipped to share God’s word with the world.

What We Do:

Spiritual Leadership: Provide spiritual leadership within the church and community, guiding others in their faith journey and serving as mentors to women in all stages of life.
Evangelism and Outreach: Lead evangelism efforts and outreach programs, bringing the message of salvation and hope to those who have yet to hear the Gospel.
Prayer and Intercession: Organize prayer groups and intercessory prayer meetings, lifting up the needs of the congregation, community, and world before God.
Community Service: Engage in service projects and missions that address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals and families, both locally and globally.
Discipleship and Mentoring: Facilitate discipleship programs and mentoring relationships, empowering women to grow in their faith and become effective leaders in ministry.

What to Expect:
Joining the Missionary Department means stepping into a role of spiritual leadership and service, guided by a strong commitment to the Gospel and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Expect to be part of a dedicated group of women who are passionate about making a difference, supporting one another in ministry, and reaching out with compassion and grace to those in need.

Get Involved:
We invite women who feel called to leadership and service within the church and community to join the Missionary Department. Whether you have years of ministry experience or are newly sensing a call to serve, your gifts and heart for the Gospel are welcome here. Together, we can impact lives for Christ and grow in our own spiritual journeys.

For more information or to get involved with the Missionary Department, please email Let’s join hands in leading and serving, as we embody the love and message of Christ in everything we do.

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