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Mother's Board

At Holy Redeemer Church, our Church Mothers hold a revered and essential role within our congregation, embodying the spirit of the Titus 2 woman by mentoring, guiding, and nurturing the women of our church. Through their wisdom, love, and dedication, Church Mothers help to build a strong, spirit-filled women’s ministry that supports the growth and spiritual development of all women in our community. With a focus on evangelism, prayer, and the teachings of scripture, they lay a foundation for godly living, homemaking, and familial love.

What We Do:

Mentorship and Teaching: Provide mentorship to women in the church, teaching them to be virtuous women of God, dedicated homemakers, and loving wives and mothers, in accordance with Titus 2.

Organizational Leadership: Utilize exceptional organizational skills to develop and strengthen the women’s ministry, coordinating auxiliaries and units that promote spiritual growth and fellowship.

Spiritual Guidance: Offer prayer and spiritual guidance to the women of our church, leading by example in living a spirit-filled life that glorifies God.

Evangelism and Outreach: Lead and participate in evangelism and outreach efforts, demonstrating the love of Christ to our community and beyond.

Supporting the Ministry: Work closely with the pastor and church leadership to support the overall ministry of the local church, ensuring that the women’s ministry aligns with the church’s vision and goals.

What to Expect:

Becoming involved with the Church Mothers means entering into a community of spiritual mentorship and support. Expect to be welcomed, nurtured, and guided by women who are deeply committed to your spiritual well-being and growth. Church Mothers are pillars of wisdom, respect, and love, ready to provide guidance, encouragement, and prayerful support as you navigate your faith journey.

Get Involved:

We invite the women of Holy Redeemer Church to connect with our Church Mothers, whether you are seeking mentorship, wish to grow in your faith, or feel called to contribute to the women’s ministry. Our Church Mothers are also always open to collaborating with women who are spirit-filled, sound minded, and have a heart for serving the Lord and His people.

For more information or to connect with our Church Mothers, please email Together, let’s build a vibrant, progressive women’s department that honors God and strengthens the fabric of our church and community.

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