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Usher Board

The Usher Board at Holy Redeemer Church plays a crucial role in the heart of our worship experience, embodying the spirit of hospitality and service that welcomes everyone into God’s house. As the first point of contact for members and visitors alike, our ushers ensure that every worship service is accessible, orderly, and infused with the love and warmth of Christ. Through their dedication and service, the Usher Board helps to create an atmosphere where all can feel comfortable and focused on worship.

What We Do:

Warm Welcomes: Greet attendees with a smile, offering a genuine welcome to everyone entering our church, making sure they feel valued and at home.
Seating Assistance: Help congregants find seating, accommodating special needs and ensuring that families can worship together comfortably.
Worship Support: Distribute bulletins and necessary materials for the service, assist with offerings, and provide direction during communion and other worship activities.
Safety and Order: Maintain a safe and orderly environment during services and events, helping with crowd control and addressing any immediate needs or concerns that may arise.
Event Assistance: Support church events beyond regular worship services, including weddings, funerals, and special gatherings, ensuring they run smoothly and are welcoming to all attendees.

What to Expect:
Joining the Usher Board means becoming part of a team committed to the ministry of hospitality and service. Expect to play a key role in shaping the worship experience for others, offering the first impression of our church’s community spirit. This ministry is a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with a wide array of people, offering support and comfort as they come to connect with God.

Get Involved:
We welcome individuals with a heart for service, a friendly demeanor, and a desire to contribute to the smooth operation of our church’s worship and events. Whether you are looking to deepen your involvement in the church, meet new people, or simply serve others in a meaningful way, the Usher Board offers a rewarding avenue to do so.

For more information or to join our Usher Board, please email Together, let’s ensure that every person who walks through our doors feels the love and hospitality that reflects the heart of our church and the love of Christ.

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